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О науке

Я случайно обнаружил, что у крупного теоретического физика Михаила Шифмана (да, сразу вспоминается Высоцкий "Мишка Шифман башковит, у него предвиденье") есть журнал в ЖЖ traveller2
Он в свое время очень хорошо сформулировал мысль о роли науки в СССР:
For about twenty years, I was a member of the theory group at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow (ITEP). The ITEP was more than an institute, it was our refuge where the insanity of the surrounding reality was, if not eliminated, reduced to a bearable level.
Doing physics there was something which gave a meaning to our lives, making it interesting and even happy.
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